12 Mar 2020

Swallows Nest Levee Project Committee Updates

This is where we will inform the community with updates on the current Levee project 

Pat Braziel, Chair

Eileen Ricker, Secretary

Marc Madrigal, ROCA Liaison

Steven Macilraith, Golf Liaison

Mark Wellendorf, Website/IT Board Liaison

Johanna Williams, Board Liaison 

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October 20, 2020, 3:42PM, SAFCA Update

The 3473 Swallow’s Nest Lane Demolition Project has been delayed due to the additional time required by PG&E to disconnect the gas service to the house.  It is likely the demolition will occur in mid-November to early December timeframe.  The demolition contractor will provide an updated schedule when he has more certainty from PG&E as to when they will be performing the gas line disconnection.  

Levee Project Update…September 09, 2020

SAFCA is planning to conduct an evaluation and monitoring of existing exterior noise levels at it’s property,

3473 Swallows Nest Ln, in advance of any work taking place on or near the site. 

GEI Consultants will be performing the noise evaluation for SAFCA. 

GEI personnel will be coming to the site beginning on Thursday, 09/10 through Monday 09/14 

and will limit their access to SAFCA-owned property where they will temporarily stage their 

noise monitoring equipment. 

Levee Project Update…August 28, 2020

The surveying at Swallows Nest was for the relocation of the utilities.  The surveying for the property acquisition will be done later.  The "Right Of Entry" is good for 6months and stated they would need 2 days for that work.  We will be advised when they will be here so we can notify the community. 

The paint markings and stakes were used to assist the survey crew in tracking topography limits and the locations of temporary control points. The stakes can be removed and do not denote any utility locations or boundary lines of any kind. 


Levee Project Update…August 27, 2020

1. Major construction activity typically occurs between April 1 – October 31 (non-flood season). 
The Corps anticipates completing the levee improvements adjacent to Swallows Nest in one construction season. However, construction activity upstream and/or downstream of this location may be ongoing in subsequent years.
2. A contract has been awarded for the 3473 Swallows Nest Lane demolition. The contractor is currently working to develop a schedule for the demolition, which accounts for all of the pre-demolition activities that are necessary, including permitting. We will share a timeline of activities with you once a schedule has been approved by SAFCA.

Levee Project Update…August 16, 2020

SAFCA’s acquisition of the house at 3473 Swallow’s Nest Lane has been completed and will be removed within 90-120 days. The contractor is developing a schedule of activities related to the removal and a detailed timeline will be provided on our website.

The Army Corps has indicated the levee construction adjacent to Swallow’s Nest will occur in 2022-2023. Utility relocations, including water and electrical lines, will be completed prior to levee construction and are anticipated to occur in 2021.

Levee Project Update…August 14, 2020

Surveyors and SAFCA will be on site at Swallows Nest  Friday August 14th. 

Subject: SAFCA Acquisition and Demolition Status of

3473 Swallows Nest Lane, Sacramento CA                    

APN 274-0560-044

1.As outlined in the June 10, 2020 Memo from John Bassett, SAFCA anticipates that the demolition process for the residential structure located at 3473 Swallows Nest Lane can likely be completed within the next 90-120 days. There is always uncertainty associated with any type of construction, particularly with utility coordination, and therefore any dates and timelines are of a fluid nature.                    

  1. A number of pre-demolition inspections and activities are required prior to developing a specific schedule for structure removal. SAFCA will provide more detail as to the precise timeline once the schedule has been developed by SAFCA and the demolition contractor.                    
  2. Prior to the full schedule being developed, a helpful list of the steps required for the structure removal is as follows:

Steps for Residential Structure Demolition            

    1. Previous owner officially abandons property – anticipated to occur by June 17                     

    2. Hazardous materials testing and evaluation – can take 2-3 weeks. Sampling was conducted on June 12. SAFCA is awaiting analysis results.                        

    3. Contractor to obtain City permit to demolish structure                        

    4. Utility disconnections- coordination with utility providers:

    • Water (City)
    • Natural gas (PG&E)
    •  Sewer (City/Sacramento County Sewer District)
    • Electric (SMUD)                             
    • Phone/Cable (AT&T/Comcast, etc.)
    • Pre-demolition hazardous material abatement and removal (if necessary)
    • Structure demolition
    • Site cleanup and restoration   

In addition, per our recent discussions, SAFCA is evaluating use of the City ramp adjacent to 3473 Swallows Nest Lane as the ingress/egress point for the contractor in order to minimize travel through interior streets.

Beyond site restoration, SAFCA will be requesting input from Swallow’s Nest on:

  • Protocol for SAFCA’s entry into the Swallows Nest Development
  • Final disposition and use of the site.
  • Potential need for and location and type of any new fencing that may be desired.          

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